Top 10 +2 ways to improve your Social Media Marketing

1 Communicate don’t broadcast
This is a common problem on Fast Moving Social Feeds (FMSF) like Twitter and particularly with microblogging platforms. There are only a few options to use these types of social media platforms without some clever innovation. This, unfortunately, means users often adopt a broadcast mentality where messages are advert focused instead of trying to promote discussion. This is the virtual world equivalent of talking loudly about yourself at a party, the result of which is often the party leaving you alone to talk to yourself.

2 Perfectionism
No one can create the perfect marketing strategy and spending too much time trying to capture the zeitgeist of your niche is unlikely to be a good return on your investment. Sometimes following simple but effective steps to success and unleashing your work on your audience will return much more valuable information for your next piece of work.

3 Don’t over think it, but always reread
Try and splurge something out that captures the moment or your feelings but don’t post it immediately, Take a break and think of something else, then go back to it with fresh eyes. Social media is a fast moving platform but don’t be fooled into rushing into any type of post. It is always better to proofread, edit, correct that spelling or ‘murder your darling’ rather than post something sloppy and misspelt which is probably not going to win you any new friends

4. Changing your mindset.
What’s the online equivalent of ‘walking a mile in someone else’s shoes’, perhaps ‘Scroll ten thousand pixels in someone else’s feed’? Imagine you’re a customer not a marketer, what types of marketing would you engage with? If the product can sell itself that’s fair enough, but

5. Turn off your inner editor.
Just get the words out, no matter how terrible you feel they are. It’s easier to revise bad writing than a blank page.

6. Make your writing come from the heart.
Write about what you really like and enjoy.

7. Move forward in the story everyday
Don’t go back and revise anything until you’ve completed the first draft

8. Don’t wait for the perfect time to write.
There’ll never be a perfect time.

9. When time is short, write short pieces

10. Do the writing alone but don’t be a loner.
Find support with family, friends, and even strangers. Join a group of local writers.

11. Don’t sleep… sorry, just kidding

12. Don’t keep putting it off. Never give up. Never.

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